Bond Offering

Upcoming sale: Single Family Mortgage Bond (Social Bonds): Pricing Feb. 17, 2021*

Offering Summary

Bond Details

Par Amount
Sale Date
February 17, 2021
Closing Date
February 18, 2021
Method of Sale
Bond Type
Variable Rate
Principal Payment Dates
Subject to mandatory redemption in part on January 1, 2030 and each July 1 and January 1 thereafter to and including July 1, 2047
Interest Payment Dates
First Business Day of each month, commencing March 1, 2021*
Expected Structure
Term Bonds due July 1, 2047
$100,000 or any integral multiple of $5,000 in excess of $100,000
Tax Status
Interest on the Bonds is exempt from Federal income tax.

Offering Documents

Additional Information

*Preliminary and subject to change