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About Iowa Finance Authority

At the Iowa Finance Authority, we help Iowans take life-changing actions every day.

Whether Iowans are buying their first home, making a fresh start, hoping to continue their family’s farming legacy or even working to upgrade a community’s water quality infrastructure, we’re proud to kickstart dreams into realities.

Key Projects

Bee Branch Creek Restoration

The City of Dubuque's Bee Branch Creek restoration involved replacing almost one-mile of storm sewer with a creek and floodplain that resembles the one that traversed the area approximately 100 years ago. This “daylighting” of the buried Bee Branch Creek allows stormwater from flash floods to safely move through the area without flooding adjacent properties. The project features a 1,938-foot long creek and floodplain, a multi-use trail system, a play area with slides, scenic overlooks, an urban orchard and garden and an outdoor amphitheater which provides a venue for teaching and neighborhood gatherings

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Spencer Water Treatment Plant

Spencer Municipal Utilities joined more than 600 other Iowa communities and municipalities in using Iowa’s State Revolving Fund (SRF) to upgrade their water infrastructure. SMU selected SRF financing over traditional bonds for this $20 million project because it offered lower borrowing costs, allowed them a longer repayment cycle and payments began upon project completion.

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The Team

Cindy Harris

Chief Financial Officer

(515) 452-0410


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Mark Fairley

Finance and Investment Manager

(515) 452-0423


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Aaron Smith

Chief Bond Programs Director

(515) 452-0461


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Brad Benson

Financial Analyst

(515) 452-0411


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